Welfare Officer

Welfare Officers – So what do they do?

England Athletics, as the National Governing Body for our sport, expects Totley AC to have policies and systems in place, such as: Data protection, safeguarding, equalities, anti-bullying policies, complaints handling and inclusion.

For obvious reasons, this is a challenge to the committee, who just want to help club members go running and enjoy themselves! The Welfare Officer has the less fun job of ensuring the club is compliant with guidance from England Athletics and the Fell Runners Association, regarding the safety and welfare of our members.

The Welfare Officer’s role is to support club members to resolve difficulties, and to develop the inclusive nature of Totley AC. For instance, we are interested in ensuring that all potential runners in our area know about Totley AC and feel welcomed if they try out one of our sessions, whatever their background, age or ability.

The Welfare Officer is not a committee member but we will make recommendations to the committee on behalf of our members. The committee will be responsible for deciding whether they want to take on any recommendations made and to implement them.

Welfare officer

Totley AC is an inclusive, and supportive club. However, the way the club operates can always be improved, and sometimes things can go wrong. Please chat with us on club runs and share your thoughts and ideas about how we can make Totley AC even more supportive and welcoming.
Alternatively, you can email us at welfare@totleyac.org.uk