Totley AC is a fell and road running club that aims to provide competitive and participative opportunities for all abilities. Our membership includes social, competitive, elite and representative level runners. We pride ourselves as a friendly and inclusive club that makes everyone feel welcome from all backgrounds. Our enthusiasm for running on the fells of the Peaks and roads of the City is matched by a desire to promote a vibrant social element, to make us a friendly face to running in Sheffield.

Colins’ Handicap


What is it?

Continuing a Totley AC tradition, we’ll be running Colins’ Handicap in two weeks. For those unfamiliar with this classic offering, it’s a handicap race following the Blackamoor Chase route, for the honour of winning a real engraved trophy. The handicapping means that anyone has a chance to win.

Time and place

Tuesday 23rd August from the Totley AC pavilion, across the field from the Cricket Inn, Penny Lane. Please try to arrive and sign on by 6:20pm, with the first runner starting at 6:40pm. We’ll follow the Blackamoor Chase route which will be marked clearly on the night.

Race format

Every entrant will be given a handicap based on their actual (or estimated) Blackamoor Chase time from the last two years. Start times are based on your handicap, with the slowest runner off first. The fastest runner sets off last and tries to catch everyone else.  

The handicaps should ensure that everyone arrives around the same time, and the winner is the first runner to finish. We will award the trophy to the first runner with a handicap based on a Blackamoor Chase time from 2021 or 2022, or a time from Colin’s Handicap 2021.

Everyone who’s run either the Blackamore Chase or Colin’s Handicap in the last two years will automatically get a handicap and can just turn up and sign on that night. If you haven’t, it would be very helpful (but is not essential) if you could email a recent Parkrun time to, so I can work out the handicaps in advance. Also email Colin if you’d like to order food from the Chippie afterwards.

First Aid Training news

Ten Totley AC members attended a fell-running First Aid course led by St John Ambulance this weekend. Focussed on running-related injuries, the attendees learned things like how to apply bandages, help with hyperthermia, and CPR. We even had a quick introduction to using the new defibrillator which was recently installed on the side of our club hut, the Pavilion

Sadly, running injuries are a fact of life regardless of how safe you try to be, and the local gritstone can make even the smallest fall into something quite severe if you land in the wrong place. We’re therefore hoping to have someone on-hand to help out if anyone does have an accident on one of our training runs.

Here are a few pictures from the day

Summer locations

Totley AC currently runs on fells, roads and fields from South Sheffield for week-day runs.

Tuesday off-road group runs from the Totley AC Pavilion (Summer)

On Tuesdays in the summer we have several off-road running groups that run from the Totley AC Pavilion at 6.30pm – if you like off-road running, come along and join us.

Colin’s ‘senior’ running group will do around an hour between 6.30pm and 7.30, and up to about 10km. This group is a chatty, slower group for anyone who wants something a bit gentler. We also have a large, steady social group that will do around 12 or 13km between 6.30pm and 8. The smaller, faster group will do up to about 15km. No need to decide in advance. Turn up at 6.30 and see how you feel

Wednesday Interval Training – Whirlow Playing Fields

Check out our new coached interval session at Whirlow Playing Fields (Summer location), on a Wednesday 6.30 to 8pm. Perfect for those wishing to improve their speed, strength and endurance. The calendar will also feature details for this week’s session.

New Interval session