2023 Race Options

This year we have a Road Champs (TRC) and a separate Off-Road Champs (TFC)

[TRC] = Totley Road Championships

  1. Dewsbury 10k
  2. Sheffield Half Marathon
  3. South Yorkshire Road League, 5 miles (Race 2 at Lodge Moor only)
  4. Loxley Lash 5k (Any in the series. 3 races to choose from)
  5. Sheffield City 10k, Rother Valley
  6. Percy Pud 10k

[TFC] = Totley Off-Road Championships 

  1. Yorkshire XC Champs
  2. Kinder Downfall, 9 miles
  3. Thurlstone Chase, 4 miles
  4. Bradwell Fell Race (short), 5 miles
  5. Eyam Fell Race, 7 miles
  6. Shelf Moor Fell Race, 6 miles


  • For both TRC and TFC, we will take the best 3 results out of 6, with the highest point scorer winning. 
  • The Overall Club Champs winner will have the best 6 scores out of the 12 races.
  • Alongside this, there will be a prize for the highest total score. This is to encourage participation in lots of the events.
  • Scores are determined by your time compared to the overall race winning time M/F. So if Fiona got 40 mins in a 10k and 1st lady got 37mins, then Fiona would score 92.5 points (37/40 x 100=92.5). Maximum points are 100.
  • No age group prizes this year. Instead, we have a separate Age Grading Champs running alongside the Club Champs. You will be given an age adjusted time, based on age grading factors listed by the WMA (World Masters Athletics). All races will take the age grading factor of the closest distance (either 5k, 10k or half marathon) for both M/F.
  • Age grading will use 5 year intervals, based on age at the start of the first race (7/1/23) and starting at V40.
  • Don’t worry about the maths. All calculations have been setup and will be maintained on a spreadsheet. 


(Prizes will be rolled down, so winners will only receive one prize)

  • Overall Club Champs Winner: Best 6 out of any 12, M/F
  • Age graded Overall Winner: Best 6 out of any 12, M/F
  • [TRC] Totley Road Champs (best 3 out of 6) M/F
  • Age graded Totley Road Champs (best 3 out of 6) M/F
  • [TFC] Totley Off-Road Champs (best 3 out of 6) M/F
  • Age graded Totley Off-Road Champs (best 3 out of 6) M/F
  • Highest total score M/F
  • Age graded Highest total score M/F

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