Race timing, registration & ticket transfer FAQs

Since 2021, for our 6 annual races we now use a third-party company to manage registration, online payments, timing, and results. AV Timing are an experienced and reliable provider of these services who are able to provide a much more accurate timing system and convenient registration than we are able to ourselves. Their services are paid for by a registration fee (paid by individual runners at registration) and a ‘per-runner’ fee (paid by Totley AC from the race takings). Totley AC is a voluntary organisation and all other race roles are voluntary positions.  

Contact AV Timing

What is a Chip Timing?

This is a method of race timing that uses a ‘chip’ carried on the ankle and a ‘sensor’ (the mat across the start and finish of the race) which very accurately logs your race time. This method is much more accurate than our traditional manual timing method. Also, chip timing logs the time you actually crossed the start line as opposed to the start of the race which can differ depending on how quickly you cross the line

How do I register for a race?

Our race registration pages are now on the AV Timing website. The links are on our website on the respective race pages

I’ve registered but how do I change my details or transfer my ticket?

Change your details or transfer your ticket using the ‘change/update’ link you will find in your registration confirmation email.  If you can’t find your ‘change/update’ link, please email AV Timing directly.

How do I ask a question about an event?

For all question about Totley AC races, please email us directly or message us on social media

I think my race time was wrong or I can’t find myself in the results. What do I do?

Please contact AV Timing directly as soon as you can who will have backup results such as film cameras

Can I cancel my ticket or change the registration?

Please use the links in the confirmation email or contact AV Timing directly

Where are the race results?

The results of our races are primarily on the AV Timing website but we will also provide a copy on our website too