Totley PR Challenge Report – Sheffield Castle

Chris Heggs

Hardy, rebellious, Totlies, gather in defiance of Babet

Following a little bit of rain and wind during the preceding day, 5 of Totley’s pluckiest took to the meandering, undulating paths of Sheffield Castle Parkrun to participate in Sheffield’s only surviving event.

A quick search of the event history shows that they rarely see over 100 runners (the figures for the 3 preceding events were 72, 75 and 78 respectively), but with no local competition, 304 lycra – clad legends decided to defy Mother Nature and traipse their way through a little bit of surface water, up the temporarily renamed heartbreak stream. 

With no challenge points being available, the overall standings remain the same as before, with the ladies’ leader board showing 3 ahead of the pack (Caz Kay, Kylie McAteer, and Yvonne Twelvetree).

The top 3 men (Matt Burden, Richard Watts and Ian Bates) hold a slender lead in their respective league.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have embraced the challenge so far, a special mention for Louise Perrin, Caz Kay, Matt Burden, Ian Bates, Richard Watts, Scott Blanks and Trevor Fernley, who have attended all 6 of the runs to date.

Yvonne Twelvetree, Sally Hook, Penny Raybould, Min Wang, Louise Goodhill, Caryl Hartwright, Bryony Hartley, Richard Bulmer, Chris Heggs (who?), Kieran Hickey and Colin White have completed an impressive 5 and remain in the hunt for some sort of acknowledgement at the end of the season.

For the eighth (or does it count as the seventh?) challenge, we return to the Monsal trail on the 18th of November, weather permitting. I hope to see you there.