Thursday Improvers

The Improvers group is a mixed ability group and we usually train in one location/street so nobody gets left behind, no matter their running pace and fitness level, although it is beneficial if some basic running experience and general fitness have already been gained.

The session involves some form of interval training with short effort runs (at one’s own level) interspersed with short recovery periods (steady jog). Everybody works at their own level and at a pace/effort level that is achievable, the idea being that all abilities improve over time. There is a run from a start point to the training location,(and back afterward), but there is also the option of meeting directly at the training location, thereby shortening the session. The sessions are only as hard as individuals want to make them, although there is usually some uphill running involved. Come along and give it a try….nothing to lose and everything to gain.

As a guide, during each training session, a distance of between 4-6 miles would be covered at various paces (some effort and some at jog) and the run from the meeting point is usually not more than a mile or so – the option is always there to meet at the actual training location for a shorter session.

We are a friendly bunch too!