Circuits at the Totley Pavilion

Circuit Training at the Totley Pavilion, every Monday and 3 Wednesday’s a month 7pm to 8pm – all welcome, suitable for all

*Except Bank Holidays when the time normally changes to 9am to 10am – please check the calendar first

What is circuit training?

Circuit training is a combination exercises with short rest period in between.

One circuit is complete when all the exercises have been completed (with short rests in between) and each circuit of exercises will be repeated too.

For example, you’ll do crunches for 45 seconds, then 15 second break, then plank for 45 seconds, then 15 second break, then jumping jacks for 45 seconds… etc. After the first circuit there will be a rest of a few minutes, then you do the circuit again (normally at least twice in total)

Why circuit training?

Circuit training is very time efficient and an excellent way to improve core strength – very important for runners even though it’s often neglected.

Circuit training will exercise large muscles and elevate your heart rate with a combination of upper, lower and whole body exercises.

Exercises are alternated meaning the next exercise will concentrate on a different part of the body reducing undue fatigue. You’ll get the benefits of cardiovascular training and weight training.

Do I need to join Totley AC before I to come to circuit training?

No need to join. Come and try a few sessions and see if you like it. If you decide to join the club, it’s only £20 per year.

Is it free?

Yes, all our training sessions and group runs are always free for everyone whether you’re a member or not. The club is run by volunteers and the club revenue is raised by a combination of individual annual membership (£20 per person per year) and our series of races

When and where is circuit training?

Our circuit training is all either inside the Totley Pavilion (our club house) or on the field outside, depending on the weather. Therefore it’s suitable for all – runners and non-runners alike

It’s every Monday evening 7pm to 8pm, (except on bank holidays when it’s normally 9am to 10am). Please check the club calendar

Our club hut is at the top of the cricket field, opposite the Cricket Inn. The usual access is from the gate on the road opposite the bottom of Strawberry Lea Lane.

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