Colin’s Handicap & Revenge

The Handicap – 13th June 2023

What is it?

Continuing a Totley AC tradition, we’ll be running Colins’ Handicap on the 13th June. For those unfamiliar with this classic offering, it’s a handicap race following the Blacka Moor Chase route, for the honour of winning a real engraved trophy. The handicapping means that anyone has a chance to win.

Time and place

Tuesday 13th June from the Totley AC pavilion, across the field from the Cricket Inn, Penny Lane. Please try to arrive and sign on by 6:20pm, with the first runner starting at 6:40pm. We’ll follow the Blacka Moor Chase route which will be marked clearly on the night.

Race format

Every entrant will be given a handicap based on their actual (or estimated) Blacka Moor Chase time from the last two years. Start times are based on your handicap, with the slowest runner off first. The fastest runner sets off last and tries to catch everyone else. 

The handicaps should ensure that everyone arrives around the same time, and the winner is the first runner to finish. We will award the trophy to the first runner with a handicap based on a Blacka Moor Chase time from 2021 or 2022, or a time from Colin’s Handicap 2022.

Everyone who’s run either the Blackamore Chase or Colin’s Handicap in the last two years will automatically get a handicap and can just turn up and sign on that night. If you haven’t, it would be very helpful (but is not essential) if you could fill in this Sign-Up Form, so I can work out the handicaps in advance and order your food choice.

The Revenge – 14th October 2023

The format of this race is slightly obscure, but makes for a fun event whose outcome is hard to predict. Runners are paired up, based on Blacka Moor Chase or Colin’s Handicap times. Everyone starts together, with the members of each pair running in opposite directions around the marked course. When each pair meets out on the course, they tag and both turn to retrace their steps. The winning team is the one that runs the fastest time relative to the average of their previous times.

Mostly, it’s a chance to meet up with other Totley runners and have a good run and social. But it’s also good fun, with a result that’s hard to predict. As with Colin’s Handicap, the winning pair are each presented with an engraved shield that they hold for a year.

Afterwards we socialise in the Totley pavilion with some tea and coffee (drinks provided) and if anyone would like to bring some cake to share, that would be lovely 🙂

No need to have done Colin’s Handicap to join in, all welcome. However, if you didn’t run this event or the Blacka Moor Chase in 2022 or 2023, it would help me greatly if you could email with information about a recent race time or guide to your fitness! Any questions also welcomed.