Totley parkrun Challenge – May the force be with you

The latest challenge took place on May the fourth, or ‘Star Wars Day’ (May the force, get it?) as it is known in the science fiction community.
Perhaps this report should have begun with ‘A long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away…….’?
It appeared that Kieran Hickey had fully embraced the theme by wearing a full Chewbacca suit to attempt the challenge. Imagine my embarrassment as I congratulated him on his efforts, only to discover that, he is simply a very hairy man. (silverback)

With our last gathering occurring at the ‘pan flat’ Rother Valley, a surface far removed from our habitual Moss Road hauls, many were pleased to be back at the more familiar rises and falls of Graves Park.
61 Totlies joined the rebel alliance and took on the challenge.
The closest pairings result saw Sarah Brooks marginally ahead of Martin Robbins, the difference between them being a measly 0.21%.
There was a particularly impressive showing from the jedi-like ladies, occupying the top 5 finishing positions (Priya Popat, Jen Applegate, Caz Kay, Ellie Smith and Charlotte Woodger).

11 participants managed a course PB, but, as always, it’s about taking part, so well done to all of you who were there.
We were spoilt for choice when it came to the photographic capturing of the mornings assembling. The extremely talented Hrishi Popat focused on the action shots around the duck ponds, producing many inspirational images.
In sharp contradiction, Colin Alexander chose to loiter like the Sith Lord, Emperor Palpatine, at the top of the climb, capturing the true terror etched on our faces at the realisation that after 1 lap, we had to do that hill again.
Don’t worry, Colin managed to record for posterity your anguish in all its hideous glory.