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The Totley Race Series (open to all comers)

This is a series of five races held each year, organised by Totley AC, and open to any adult runner.

There is an entry fee for each race with discounts for advanced booking (NB The first race – Tigger Tor – is pre-entry only).

Registration for the Series can be made online and there is a fee of £5.00. If you pre-enter all 5 races online, you are automatically registered for the series and do not have to pay the extra £5.00.

At least four of the five races (one of which must be the Exterminator) must be completed. All those who register will receive a T-Shirt at the last race, the Exterminator.

(N.B. Totley AC members who help in the organisation of a Totley race are still eligible to complete the Race Series, as they will be given their average position for the race they miss.)

Prizes are presented after the Exterminator (the final race of the Series) – which is the only compulsory race in the Series.

There are prizes in each of the following categories:
1st under-23 M & F
1st SEN (23-39) M & F
1st V40, V50, V60, V70 M & F
Spot Prizes
1st Totley M & F

There are team prizes only for Tigger Tor and the Exterminator.

Prizes Rules.pdf

Download more information here

The Race Series for 2018 consists of:

Tigger Tor: Sunday 28th January – NB £10 pre-entry only

Tiger’s Todger: Wednesday 2nd May – £4 pre-entry, £5.00 on day

Totley Moor: Tuesday 22nd May – £4 pre-entry, £5.00 on day

Blackamoor: Thursday 14th of June – £4 pre-entry, £5.00 on day

Exterminator: Sunday 2nd September – £8 pre-entry, £10 on day

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Sponsors of the Totley Series


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