Club Championship

2021 Championships

Now we’re back to in-person racing, 2021 champs is here and it involves real races. We simplified it this year, with the remaining uncertainty around races, and some of these may need to change as we go forwards, but let’s give it a go!Complete at least one race from each category. Points awarded relative to the other Totley runners in the same race. Age categories as usual. Most of the races in the ‘fell’ category are on well-worn trails, so we hope they’ll be accessible for most, but there are some ‘official’ trail races in there to (hopefully) ensure everyone feels comfortable.

Totley AC Prizes Policy

2021 Championship Races:

Category 1. Fell and Trail Races

Colins’ Handicap – Tues 27th July (see below for details)
Eyam Barrel Inn Race – Tues 31st Aug (all on trails, not a technical race)
Carsington 7+ Trail Race – Sun 19th Sept (paths round the lake)
Curbar Commotion – Sat 2nd Oct
Ten Ten Ten – Sun 10th Oct (entries filling fast!) (Endcliffe Park and surrounding roads)

Category 2. Road Races

Barlow 10k – TBC (Fri 13th Aug?)
Sheffield half marathon – Sun 26th Sept
Sheffield City 10k (Rother Valley) – Sun 10th Oct
Doncaster 10k – Sun 28th Nov
Bolsover 10k – TBC (Sun 12th Dec?)

Category 3. Parkrun

Rother Valley Parkrun – Sat 4th Sept
Castle Parkrun – Sat 23rd Oct
Poolsbrook Parkrun – Sat 13th Nov



Colin’s Handicap – Tues 27th July



Barlow 10k – TBC (Fri 13th Aug?)
Eyam Barrel Inn Race – Tues 31st Aug



Bakewell Parkrun – Sat 4th Sept
Carsington 7+ Trail Race – Sun 19th Sept
Sheffield HM – Sun 26th Sept



Curbar Commotion – Sat 2nd Oct
Ten Ten Ten – Sun 10th Oct
Sheffield City 10k (Rother Valley) – Sun 10th Oct
Castle Parkrun – Sat 23rd Oct


Nov / Dec

Poolsbrook Parkrun – Sat 13th Nov
Doncaster 10k – Sun 28th Nov
Bolsover 10k – TBC (Sun 12th Dec?)

Championships FAQs

What is the annual championships? Sounds serious.

It’s meant to be fun for runners and something we hope all members will feel able to participate in. We do give out prizes, but it’s mostly about enjoying the challenge of local races and socialising with other club members. We try to choose popular local events with reasonable entry prices that we think (or know) club members will enjoy.

How do I join in?

The champs is organised using public races that you’ll need to enter. This year there are three categories of races – fell and trail, road, and parkrun. You need to complete one race from each category to qualify for the champs. The races are listed in the Totley AC private Facebook group and in an email to members.

What prizes are awarded?

We give prizes for the first three people in each gender and age group. The groups are: Senior Women (under 40), WV40 (women over 40), WV50 (women over 50), WV60 (women over 60) and WV70 (women over 70). Also Senior Men (under 40), MV40 (men over 40), MV50 (men over 50), MV60 (men over 60) and V70 (men over 70).

How are points calculated?

In each race, we award points based on your position in relation to other Totley runners. For example, the first Totley runner to finish will get 1 point, the sixth Totley runner 6 points, and so on. It doesn’t matter where you finish in the race overall, only in relation to the other club members running. For this reason, it is very helpful if you can list your club when entering (and if you don’t do this for whatever reason, please message Colin Osborne to tell him!).

I’m not very fast, what’s the point of entering?

The competition can be fun if you’re in the running for a prize, or in a bit of friendly rivalry with another club member, but we hope it won’t put you off. Most of us don’t enter races expecting to win them, anyhow. We hope that the motivation to join in the races, challenge yourself, cheer on your clubmates and chat afterwards will be enough. The prizes are a bonus really.

How are the positions decided in each age group?

You may enter as many races as you like from each category. We will take your best scoring race in each category, add up the scores, and rank everyone’s total score from lowest to highest. The lowest score in each gender/age group wins, the next highest gets second, and next third. We also present a prize and shiny silver cup for the best overall woman and man.

I’m a road runner, do I have to run a fell race?

In a word, no. The fell and trail races category is very broad and includes a lot of terrain you are likely to be familiar with, including the grass in Endcliffe Park and gravel paths around Carsington Water. We hope everyone would feel comfortable with these, at least. Even the ones that are called ‘fell races’ are more like trail races really, and none of them harder than running round Burbage. We’ve tried to indicate for each race what it’s like. Some are hillier than others, but to be honest you can always walk the hills (and lots of people do). If you’re not sure, message Colin Osborne or other club members to find out more about each race.

I’m a fell runner, do I have to run on the road?

Yes, you have to do a Parkrun.

2019 Championship Races:

Short fell race:

Grindleford – Thursday 20 th June

Bamford Carnival – Wednesday 17 th July

Eyam Barrel – Tuesday 27 th August TBC


Long fell race:

Mickleden Straddle – Sunday 3 rd February

Exterminator – Sunday 1 st September

GoBigMoor – Saturday 12 th October


10 km:

Dronfield – Sunday 7th April 10:00

Barlow – Friday 12 th July

Bolsover – Sunday 8 th December TBC


Half marathon:

Sheffield – Sunday 14th April

Worksop – Sunday 27 th October

Clowne – Sunday 24 th November


5KM Parkruns – club vests to be worn:

Graves Park – 6th April

Poolsbrook Chesterfield – 15th June

Bakewell – 21 st September


Trail Runs:

Carsington Water Half Marathon – Saturday 23d & February

Dovedale Dipper – Sunday 4 th August

Bawtry Forest Trail Race – Sunday 8th September

Ten10Ten – Sunday 6th October


Trail Runs:

Carsington Water Half Marathon – Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th February 9:30

Bawtry Forest Trail Race – Sunday 9th September

Ten10Ten – Sunday 7th October

Elsecar Half Marathon – Saturday 15th December