Club Championship

Our Cub Championship is open to everyone in the Club and EVERYONE in the Club is encouraged to take part. It’s an opportunity to travel with other Club members to races in the area and to try some new races you might not have done before. Unlike the Club Series there are no special entry forms to enter the championship, by being a club member you are automatically in. All you have to do is choose at least one race from 4 of the 6 categories below. This year for the first time we have included a “Trail” category as a “middle ground” option for roadies and fell people! And of course you must run in your Totley vest!

As with any game or competition it really helps to understand the rules. There are now six categories of race, short fell (FRA rules means 10k or less), long fell race (FRA rules 20k or more), a 10k, a half marathon ,a trail race and a Park Run.

For the Club Championship members need to enter at least one race from four of the six categories. If a member enters more than one race from a category then the best score will be counted towards the championship. Points out of 100 calculated from overall position in race i.e. 100th out of 200 finishers = 50 points. Therefore if a member runs the Sheffield half marathon with 10,000 runners it is possible to score more points than running the Buxton Half with 2,000 runners. However the choices give everyone a chance to choose at least one race from four of the six categories.

2018 Championship Races:

Short fell race:

Chicken Run 9.4k – Saturday 14th April 11:00am

Cracken Edge 7m – Wednesday 1st August at 7.30pm

Barrel Inn Fell Race 10.4k – Tuesday 28th August 6:30pm

Leg it Round Lathkil 11.5k – Sunday 11th November 11:30am

Long fell race:

Holme Moss 28.5k – Sunday 22nd July 11:00

Half Tour of Bradwell – Saturday 11th August 9:30

GoBigMoor – Saturday 13th October 10:30

10 km:

Dronfield – Sunday 18th March 10:00

Holymoorside – Sunday 13th May 10:30

Bolsover – Sunday 9th December

Half marathon:

Sheffield – Sunday 8th April 9:30

Buxton – Sunday 27th May

Chesterfield – Sunday 21st October

5KM Parkruns – club vests to be worn:

Graves Park – 3rd February and 17th November

Poolsbrook Chesterfield – 16th June

Trail Runs:

Carsington Water Half Marathon – Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th February 9:30

Bawtry Forest Trail Race – Sunday 9th September

Ten10Ten – Sunday 7th October

Elsecar Half Marathon – Saturday 15th December


The Championship Scoring System appears complicated but is actually quite simple – and fair.

  • Points out of 100 calculated from overall position in race – i.e. 100th out of 200 finishers = 50 point
  • One (best) score allowed from each race category – i.e. Maximum of 4 qualifying races count towards points total
  • At least 4 races from 6 of the categories must be completed to get a championship score
  • Championship award per runner
  • One Individual Race Category Winner per runner

Totley AC Prizes Policy

2017 Championship Races:

Short fell race:

Wolf’s Pit Bamford 9k – Sunday 19th March 11.00am

Barrel inn Fell race 10.4 k – Tuesday 29th August 6.30pm

Lathkildale 11.5k – Sunday 12th November 11.30pm

Long fell race:

1/2 tour of Bradwell 25k – Saturday 12th August 9.30am

Kinder Trogg 25.7k – Sunday 25th June 10.00am

Go Big Moor 21k – Saturday 30th September

10 km:

Longshaw – Sunday 26th February

Rother Valley Neuro Care – Sunday 7th May

Bolsover – Sunday 10th December

Half marathon:

Sheffield – Sunday 9th April

Buxton – Sunday 28th May

Clowne – Sunday 19th November


Sheffield Park Runs – club vests to be worn

Graves Park – 4th February, 1st July, 7th October